Alexander "Alex" Munkelt


Alex is the CEO of CoastGames.
At first, he programmed mainly, but as the Project grew, he slowly started to do more Managing and Communication between the Team.
Alex played a lot of different real-time strategy games, but he saw that there were less and less good RTS on the Market, so he decided to build
his own.

Christian "Chris" Holzner


Christian has been there from the beginning and together with Alex he had the original idea.
He is a nerd as he is in the book.
In the team he takes on all kinds of tasks about programming and management.

About the Team

In May 2020, two madmen joined forces with the plan to create a classic strategy game.
Several comrades-in-arms were quickly found who would support them.
Two years later these boys and girls are still developing with passion on their first game which they released in September 2022!